Community & Partnerships

How can we participate in the community and ask questions?

You can stay up to date with us at Medium, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, our subreddit, and Telegram group. We will host AMAs regularly and keep you posted on our various social media platforms. You might also want to check out our Get Involved section for more details on community activities.

Youโ€™ve mentioned that the team is willing to do more AMAs, can you share the names and designations of the team so that we know who these people are?

Zee Zheng (CEO) and Jeff Garzik (CTO) have done AMAs with the community. We prefer only having executive team members participate in AMAs so that the rest of the team can focus on development. We will work towards scheduling more frequent AMAs so keep an eye on our social media channels, especially our Reddit and Telegram channels.

What kind of partnerships are you looking for?

We believe space exploration is a huge project, it needs cooperation and benign competition. We are always on the lookout for interesting partnerships, and we like to cooperate with anyone who wants to explore space initiatives. However, there are several things we consider when we explore partnerships including technical considerations and overall alignment of vision. Weโ€™ll continue to share partnership announcements with this community when there is news to share. If the community has any suggestions or can link us up with these types of partners, drop us an email at [email protected].

Who are your main competitors?

Being a non-profit foundation, we are interested in collaborating with as many companies and projects as possible to build a larger space community and ecosystem. We are an open-source project, and the plan is never about exclusion but rather, about inclusion. We are the first organization to build a blockchain and space ecosystem. If there are other projects/companies that start following this model, we are happy to partner with them.

How are you attracting the developers to work on the SpaceChain OS platform?

We are in talks with many space companies that are using traditional operating systems. For enterprise users, we have built partnerships with a number of companies to develop applications or spacecraft using integrated development environments for SpaceChain OS. We have helped several companies install integrated development environments, and they have already begun using those environments in real-time scenarios. We will continue to promote this with our enterprise partners.
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