How do you ensure legal compliance with regulatory bodies in various countries?

We have a legal team to ensure full compliance. We also have team members and partners in China, Israel, Singapore, and the US who work with local governing bodies to ensure that we are fully compliant with local regulations.

What are your scheduled dates for your space node and satellite launches?

We have rough timelines in place, but due to variables that we might not be able to control, such as weather and the schedules of our launch providers and partners, this timeline may shift around. Additionally, we are unable to release the launch date before the rocket launch site officially releases the news. We will let the community know once we’re cleared to announce the date.

Who are the core developers for this project?

Our core development team is based in the USA and China, with CTO Jeff Garzik and a few other aerospace engineers in the U.S.

How many people are there on your team?

We have more than 20 people working on our project and another 20 engineers who are contributing to the development of SpaceChain’s hardware and software.

Can you share more about CTO Jeff Garzik’s involvement in the project?

Jeff Garzik has been an integral part of the initial SPC design in regards to satellite payloads and architecture of SpaceChain OS. Additionally, he also provided the foundational architecture for the decentralized space constellation and the “data center in space” API and architecture. Jeff regularly represents SpaceChain at industry conferences, meets with partners and advisors, and regularly interacts with the core SpaceChain team.

Who else other than Zee Zheng (CEO), Jeff Garzik (CTO) holds tokens from the team?

Core team members have token distributions built into their agreements, based on performance.

How many SPC tokens do advisors hold?

Unfortunately, these details are NDA’ed, however, what we can say is that none of the advisors hold more than 1% of the SPC tokens for their advisory.

Can you share the wallet address of SpaceChain Foundation?

We do not partake in any form of market manipulation,
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